the addiction went very bad.

If you would be my drug,

I’d give up on the medicine

that keeps me awake

in this world,

i’d give up the books

I drew my life into

just to have the pleasure

to match your feet

with my steps.

I would take closer

look on those eyes

of yours,

worn out by looking

too closer on the people’s skin.

So let me give up the religion

in which I poured my life

when I made the sacred vows

at the monastery

that now holds me crucified

between your beeps

and God’s Call.

And I will renounce my baptism.

Even if my fate goes

down with the river,

the stones will hold it!

’cause the stones are solid.

And stairs are made of stone

when you climb up

this way to the heavens,

just to find a closing door

that holds a sign

“I’m on Holiday”.

But then,

It goes down as easy

as it would take me

to take you back to the monastery

and make you my … Jeezus,

the addiction went very bad.



Painting by Jan van Helmont




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