as if the torment

of having torn your voice

to the first line

you gave to the public

is not of your concern.


You vibrated

in waves measured in Hertz,

that no words could measure.


So if nobody

pleasured you with positives tonight


Inhale and smile

because genuine Greatness


greets silence.



as if this look

you give yourself

through the mirror

doesn’t carry a judgment,

but rather a compliment

heavy enough to make you

want to stay awake

at this late hour.


Inhale and dare to look

to the grey hairs that start growing

on your forehead, arms, chest and beard.

Wrinkles add to your skin

as if it was the paper

on which time

decided to write the message

that you are aging fast,

blindness will come

when the world

will miss your vision.


But that’s the only bit of


your soul can deal with

right now


Exhale and smile,

you did good tonight

so take this moment in



Inhale and hold

your lungs as two trophies

that are built to sustain

the blows

your voice

is meant to deliver.

Your ships need wind

to reach the ports

where the living

are waiting for

your comeback.


And if the flame of the candles

that burn in the temple

shall be blown

due to the excess of breath,


Exhale, stand up

pack your stuff

Inhale and go

rehearse tomorrow.


Theatre is closing now.



Painting : Stanczyk  by Jan Matejko


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