We suck!

Why do people need to take things away

from you?

It’s usually called stealing,

but it’s worth much more than that,

cause they leave scars.

But first, they cut deep into


making sure you bleed so much

that you leave a trace behind

so they know how to follow you.

They become milestones

of your clash with reality.

Fierce fight that’ll last forever.

Maybe till you die, and maybe after that.’

It’s hard to believe that humans

have so much imagination

to create

an afterlife

that lacks reality.

We did put Heavens behind a door,

and giving to some old


its keys.

So let’s be realists,

but this time,

in a shout out way.


People will take things away from you

so that they achieve their goal:

that you ask your things back.

But don’t be stupid,

they can have it.

People will not exploit the strong things

about you

but take what’s soft and weak.

And they’ll steal money from you,

the least clever ones.

The ones you must fear…



Fuck it!

Whether they take money or not.


Bet you noticed it before.

Sorry to bring that up to you.

Ha! You know I was thinking about something:

I also took something away from you…

I took your


It’s the only good thing

you had to offer me

…I know, I know






Painting by Rene Magritte – Golconde


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