Small philosophy

The risk

of loving yourself too much

is that you pretend


should love you with the same amount

you give yourself.

And it’s never the case.

And it never will.

People mainly, shit, eat, and sleep.

Some create, others build, others reproduce.

Love comes second,

no matter how hard we try,

it has never won a first place,

in any race

that we put ourselves into.

You might go too fast.

I know you have a good engine,

your eyes hide a bursting fire


of igniting the densest forests,

and enlightening the darkest corners

of a city.

You are small, unfortunately.

Not many humans flame themselves so hard and quick

that their smoke rises up the sky

to create clouds that, when the right time comes,

pours inspiration on others.

And it’s hard to be a prophet all the time.

Haha! I know that once you thought you were.

And it was not a drunk night over a cheap beer and a dirty bar table…

It was in one morning, when you stepped out of the shower and maybe said:

“Look, I’m clean again”

And at that second you knew you weren’t talking about body but

talking about soul.

You feel your body as a cage

in which  thousand of birds live in,

waiting to be freed.

If you wait too long,

they get old and refuse to fly.

If you do it too soon,

they might fall because you didn’t have ’em

proper training.

So wait…

They’ll tell you when you’re ready.

The danger of loving yourself too much,

is that

you’ll never hear them.

It’s the result of too much self-targeting.

Let yourself grow.

Like a fresh seed,

don’t rush to be a flower,

first, you must come out of the ground.


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