to Brother.

I haven’t seen you for almost a year.
My dear little fella’
know that I live with a hole
that cannot be filled.

Believe me, I tried.

But your warm embrace
with your warm little head
taking a rest
on my shoulder
is a wonder of my world.

For though it’s hard to see the passing lights

as fast as they come,

I can’t even remember how tall you are
they told me that you grew up,
know that if it is so…
I haven’t.

Do you remember when I use to wake up to wake you up
And take you to school,?
I was way more asleep than you was, but
the delicate morning light
on your eyes,
was way nicer than
the sun,


you know, me I am a winter guy,

and it’s cold since you left and run.

Our fights would just pick me up the effect

that I now miss you much

cause I’d need a slap from you
from time to time,

on my back

and sometimes

on the face.

I don’t watch my watch a lot.
Time is just a convention, so that we organize ourselves

and measure the infinite possibilities that we conserve

in seconds an then hours

and then

But you can live outside of life
like we did,
do you remember?

We were two lost kids
in a world we didn’t understand,
self guiding itself
with a set of rules,
that he’s most proud of.

And we were there,
in that small apartment
you, mother, father, and me
trying to see the world past behind

the walls of our house,

they are just behind us
for a little time.

Damn! Seems I need time,
in order to say things.

It’s a little tragic, if you ask me.


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