at the Black Sea

Are you familiar

with the mask you see tonight

made of dirt and tears

but tough enough to survive

the heavy rains

of the city?


Seems it’s fragile enough

that when it’s touched,

it tears apart, but no one wants to get

their hands dirty.


Proud of being a part of the human circle

that doesn’t reach out of this (circle)

to calculate the equations of

the Great Outside.


Freezing in their cloth so that

their bodies are not exposed to the

warmness of the summer sun

even if it’s night

and the moon shines bright

the Sun still runs

its course

from behind.


Colder winds come from northern places

but now if you howl

and return primal

I won’t betray you

at Redemption Day.


Come sail my way,

and let my way

guide your steps

on this humid sand

you’re walking into.


Let me shake the winds as the waves

wake you

to the feeling of my love

and my sorrow

and then follow in a

beautiful dance

the Astrals.


As two mystique creatures

that removed their shoes

to step on Mother Nature

to feel real

and adventurous

and to really

reach each other’s feet

at the

Black Sea.


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