if, we only now knew.

Every sound is a circle, and you sound to me very square

it’s rare you know?

Finding me in this position

holding your hand

you, the sphere

me, the man

you live in the air,

I live on the land.

How come we never met?

I now understand why a baby

pukes the milk after he drank it.

It’s because it was too much for him.

Generosity, that’s what he calls that now

but it was beauty,

Can you give me some time

to see myself within you?

as a transparent window

made of light and shadow

and lead me to the land

of inspiration


you are one.

In comparison to you

all beauty seems frail

like a fail of the nature that is

now old enough

to know that She’s never done better.

Music sounds classic to your ear,

it’s like you wrote every sound I hear,

cause you smile

when you speak

of my weakness.

It was a beautiful sunrise

that we’ve seen that morning.

The birth of day,

that’s how we called it.

We felt that the underground rivers that flow

in the Earth so that it fills itself with tears

to give the soil flowers

that I can rip to give them to you

as a gift of this unique moment

that we were having,

I remember you saying

“Look, we glow.”

Then you looked at me,

and we kissed.

You were a bird

that let a feather fall

into the windy weather

of the holes

I cover.

And that feather

did not reach the ground yet,

and I can see it.

It’s not falling

It’s raising

like the sun we’re seeing.

The clouds are red,

like the eyes of a giant

who didn’t sleep all night

because he had a nightmare.

A nymph fell in love with him

and drew him out of the cage he was hiding in

and left him burning in the sand.

He became a grain of sand

that traveled the whole world

thanks to the winds of his imagination.


Painting by Miriam Birks


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